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Get ready for mobile apps 3.0

Magnus Jern · November 26, 2014

Mobile apps 3.0 is all about designing a service based on the needs and requirements of a mobile user interacting with your organization and services. Find ... Read More

How much do car companies spend on apps?

Magnus Jern · November 24, 2014

There are 2,300 automotive apps, but still a huge opportunity for the industry to disrupt through mobile ... Read More

Weekly Mobile Insights- 11: Everything about Mobile Healthcare

Magnus Jern · November 20, 2014

From Apple HealthKit to mothers buy in to mobile apps to track their babies' health. This week we cover the latest trends from the mobile healthcare sector ... Read More

Weekly Mobile Insights- 10: Internet of Things and latest news

Magnus Jern · November 14, 2014

Gartner's Internet of Things predictions, enterprise device activations in Q3, mCommerce revenue and the latest App Annie app report. ... Read More

What's the killer app for the car?

Magnus Jern · November 10, 2014

All about car apps. What does the industry look like today, where do we see room for improvement and what will be the killer car app of the future? ... Read More

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