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Mobile World Universe

Weekly Mobile Insights- 2: Biometric authentication and Cross-platform Tools

Magnus Jern · August 18, 2014

This week's mobile insights with focus on ID, authentication and cross-platform tools ... Read More

Weekly Mobile Insights- 1

Magnus Jern · August 08, 2014

Insights from this week including results from the Mobile Internet Investment Review, iBeacon trials, m-commerce and how to hack your way into the appstore ... Read More

Winning the mobile user in 2015

Magnus Jern · August 06, 2014

See how you can win the mobile user in 2015. Golden Gekko founder Magnus Jern shares his know-how. ... Read More

Top takeaways from the 7th Developer Economics survey

Per Lagerbeck · August 05, 2014

See some of the most interesting finding from The 7th Developer Economics survey that covers the latest trends in app development ... Read More

Test Case and Exploratory: The Bruce Banner & Hulk of Testing

Lorselle Tecson · July 30, 2014

We take a look at Test Case and Exploratory testing, one of the key types of testing done on Golden Gekko mobile applications ... Read More