Mango MNG

Mango´s web agency Vasava contacted Golden Gekko early 2010 to develop an iPhone application that would stand out from the rest of the competition.

The Project


Vasava Digital Agency


The task was to create a visually exciting experience and allow the user to make purchases from the phone.


Vasava and Golden Gekko developed and launched a truly engaging and innovative application which allows the user to “try on” the clothes before buying with the fun mix and match section, browsing the collection, finding the nearest store and purchasing items on the go.


Within the first week 22,000 downloads had been made on the appstore and a further version with the male collection is due to be released soon.
The application can be found here.


  • Browse the Mango collections
  • Mix & Match - Dress up a doll or even yourself by taking a picture of you and then easily drag and drop clothes onto your body
  • You can rotate and resize the clothes
  • Share your image via email
  • Add items to favourites for easy access at later occasion
  • Add items to shopping basket and buy online
  • Find nearest store based on your location or store directory